EPX Body Challenge

Congratulations on your decision to change your body – and life – for the better! Over the next 3 months, you could experience a dynamic whole body transformation…resulting in a stronger and leaner body, increased confidence and motivation, and a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.

The EPXbody Challenge is a 90-day healthy living contest in which participants are judged on the quality of their outer as well as inner transformation.

EPXbody Challenge Steps for Success:

  • Step 1: Register now for the EPXbody Challenge by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Challenge Information Form (located online in your Back Office once you officially start the Challenge).
  • Step 3: Take a full body “before” photo as well as another photo confirming your starting weight.
  • Step 4: Start your transformation (for best results, follow our recommended exercises and nutrition guidelines).
  • Step 5: Take a full body “after” photo as well as another photo confirming your ending weight.
  • Step 6: Enjoy your new and improved body jameshallison casino and healthy lifestyle! Celebrate your remarkable progress…and keep up the great work.

Prizes for Each 90-Day Challenge


Everyone can be a winner with the EPXbody Challenge!



EPXBody Compensation Plan Overview

EPXBody offers a unique way to earn cash back with your membership by simply sharing your experience of EPXBody with others, it”s that simple. When you share EPXBody with others, they are placed in a way that is attached to your personal account, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions when they make a purchase or renew their membership.

Simply refer others by giving out your unique website url, and if they join, we will track their orders back to your account and pay you a percentage of each sale. There are many ways to earn, and below is an overview of the top ways you can earn by referring others to the EPXBody opportunity.