Creating Legends 

90 Day Success Plan

Referral Qualifying System

This is all about creating success stories. Showing people that network marketing works and works very well. The purpose of this qualifier is to create long term residual income with a short term fix.

The whole purpose of doing this is to prove to the industry that The Legends Network has created the full proof compensation plan to make that happen.

What most programs don't do, is provide a way both short term and long term for affiliates to make decent money. Those programs are built to fail the affiliate and succeed for the company.

The Legends Network has opened Pandora's Box on creating the ultimate commissions that are built for the affiliate. It is the only program online today that can make unlimited income with ONLY 1 Referral!

There are 2 ways to create incredible income within The Legends Network as seen in this video:

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So here is what we do on OUR TEAM!

We Promote Our Team Mates To Ensure They Make Money Every Single Month.

We will ensure that every member within our team gets the 2 Qualifying Referrals to guarantee them to be paid to infinity forever in The Legends Network.

This is why we promote our team!

I am also on a personal mission to complete the matrix. I will do this even if I have to build all by myself. Yeah, that's a powerful statement but I have done it before, I am responsible for building my own matrix anyways, so why not help people along the way too.

All you need to do is Join Our Team through one of our team members by clicking on the Team Rotator Link below.


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Experience our Exclusive Interviews by Industry Legends!

4-5 NEW Interviews Added Every Month To Help Explode Any Business You’re In!

Discover Their Inside Trade Secrets/Physical Applications As To How They Control And Dominate Everything They Touch, Need, Want Or Desire—- Creating Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual Incomes That Would Absolutely Rock Your World!

You Will Discover The True Art And Science Of Building A Micro Empire Working From Home… Taking Any Entrepreneurial Project From The Basement To The Penthouse With Less Effort!

So Come On And JOIN The TEAM!

When you click on The Team Rotator above, Simply Click The "Subscribe" Button on the page that you land on as shown below

 JUST CLICK Subscribe

To get on board with us, the cost is $129.95 ONE TIME, then by selecting the $49.95/month Pro Level, this allows you to create infinity pay within the program and access to ALL Products.

Each Member joining our team will create an instant referral commission of $50 or $80 for the person they register with and their sponsor will receive a $30 commission. INCREDIBLE!

I am also personally handing out Referrals links based on their join date to make sure everyone not only gets a referral but also has their monthly payments covered.

Once you join our team, you are then added to the rotator and the list above.

When each member has 2 personal referrals either by the system, on their own or a combination of both, they are removed from the team rotation system.

How do we know if they have their 2 referrals? 

Great question, the referring member gets a notification and everyone in their up-line is notified. Very slick system!

So What Are YOU Waiting For? LAUNCH WITH US TODAY!!!

 To Your Success!

Jack J Creed

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Any earnings portrayed in any Legends Network website or marketing materials are not necessarily representative of the income that an individual Legends Network Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Legend Network Compensation Plan. All references to income are for illustrative purposes only. Your level of income will be determined by your effort, participation and dedication in building your own business. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.